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Unit PC: Physical Changes

Extensions Links
Extension G: Effects Due to Air Pressure


Extension H: Pressure, Temperature, Mixtures of Gases, and Average Particle KE

Use the simulation movie version if you have trouble running Java.


HTML5 with simulation movies

Sim: Gas Properties (HTML5) (Java)
Java trouble-shooting
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Extension I: Mass, Volume and Density HTML5
Extension J: Sinking and Floating HTML5
Extension K: Rates of Warming of Different Materials HTML5
Extension L: Explanations Involving Heating and Cooling Materials HTML5
Extension M: Heating Curves, Melting & Boiling Points, and SPT Explanation HTML5

Unit CR: Chemical Reactions

Extensions Links
Extension A: Separating Mixtures Using Physical Properties

The Separating Mixtures simulation from FOSS is not available, nor is it necessary for completing this extension or the quiz.


Extension B: Reaction Rates and Temperature


Extension E: Models of the Atom


Extension F: Balancing Chemical Equations HTML5
Extension G: Characteristic Properties HTML5
Extension H: Atomic Structure, the Periodic Table, and Isotopes HTML5
Extension I: Bond Types and the Chemical Structure of Materials HTML5