Unit EM: Energy-based Model for Interactions

Lessons Links
Lesson 1: Interactions and Motion


Lesson 2: Motion and Energy Movie
Lesson 3: Slowing and Stopping Movies
Lesson 4: Friction as an Interaction Movies
Lesson 5: Warming and Cooling Movies
Lesson 6: Keeping Track of Energy in Electric Circuit Interactions Movies
Lesson 7: More on Keeping Track of EnergyNo movies
Lesson 8 Engineering Design: No More Cold Showers Movie

Unit PEF: Potential Energy and Fields

Lessons Links
Lesson 1: Elastic Objects and Energy


Lesson 2: Comparing Magnetic and Static Electric Interactions
(only for classes not doing Module MSE)
Lesson 3: Magnetic and Static Electricity Interactions and Energy


Lesson 4: Gravitational Interactions and Energy Movies

Lesson 5: Electromagnetic Interactions

CheerpJ versions of simulations run on most browsers on computers and tablets. You don't need to have Java installed! For compatibility with your device and browser, check this Google doc.


Magnets & Electromagnets Simulation (CheerpJ) (Java)
Charges & Fields Simulation (HTML5) (Java)
Faraday's Electromagetic Lab (CheerpJ) (HTML5) (Java)
Java trouble-shooting
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