Unit EM: Energy-based Model for Interactions

Activities Links
Activity 1: Interactions and Motion


Activity 2: Motion and Energy No movies
Activity 3: Slowing and Stopping Movies
Activity 4: Warming and Cooling No movies
Activity 5: Keeping Track of Energy in Electric Circuit Interactions No movies
Activity 6: More on Keeping Track of EnergyNo movies
Activity 7: Conservation of Energy No movies
Activity 8 Engineering Design: No More Cold Showers Movies

Unit PEF: Potential Energy and Fields

Activities Links
Activity 1: Elastic Objects and Energy


Activity 2: Comparing Magnetic and Static Electric Interactions
(only for classes not doing Module MSE)
Activity 3: Magnetic and Static Electricity Interactions and Energy


Activity 4: Gravitational Interactions and Energy Movies
Activity 5: Electromagnetic Interactions

Sim 1: Circuit Construction Kit: DC (HTML5)
Sim 2: Generator (Java)
Java trouble-shooting
Mac    Windows

Activity 6 Engineering Design: Storing Energy from Braking Movies