Unit M: Developing a Model for Magnetism

Activities Links
Activity 1: Modeling and the Mystery Tube

No movies

Activity 2: Exploring Magnetic Effects No movies
Activity 3: Developing a Model for Magnetism No movies
Activity 4: Better Model for Magnetism Movies
Activity 5: Explaining Phenomena involving Magnetism No movies
Activity 6 Engineering Design: The Maglev System Movies

Unit SE: Developing a Model for Static Electricity

Activities Links
Activity 1: Exploring Static Electric Effects


Activity 2: Developing a Model for Static Electricity Movies
Activity 3: Representing Uncharged Objects in Your Model


Activity 4: Refining Your Model for Different Materials Movies

Activity 5: Interactions Between Charged and Uncharged Objects

CheerpJ versions of simulations run on most browsers on computers and tablets. You don't need to have Java installed! For compatibility with your device and browser, check this Google doc.

Simulation Movies (EF Hockey)
Sim 1: Electric Field Hockey (CheerpJ) (Java)
Sim 2: Balloons & Static Electricity (HTML5)
Java trouble-shooting
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Activity 6: Explaining Phenomena Involving Static Electricity

No movies

Activity 7 Engineering Design: Refueling Safety Movie