Extensions in Next Gen PET are exactly what they sound like—extensions of in-class lessons for you to do on your own time as homework. All of the extensions are on-line and linked through the pages listed below. Go all the way through the assigned extension (note that some extensions may not be assigned to your class session). Then log in to your institution's Learning Management System and take the associated quiz. Only the answers to the questions in the quizzes will contribute to your grade.

Extensions are lettered, rather than numbered, beginning with "A" for each unit. You may notice that in some units certain extension letters are missing. That is fine, as your instructor will not be assigning them.

Every extension is available as a HTML 5 version. See below the list of modules for more details.

Magnetism and Static Electricity Module

Interactions and Energy Module

Interactions and Forces Module

Waves, Sound and Light Module

Matter and Interactions Module

Teaching and Learning

Warning: In Safari, Continue, back, and other buttons on non-question slides may not work. If this occurs, we suggest you use another browser. If you use Safari, to advance, click in the extension window or use the Play button in the controller at the bottom.

Recommended browsers: HTML5: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera (most recent versions).